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Fun Recipes For Any Preschool Class

Children are more likely to enjoy eating foods they help prepare themselves.

Here are three nutritious recipes for cooking fun with your preschooler

 Fresh Fruit Pancakes



      What you will need



                                               Toaster (for adult to operate)

                                               Toaster friendly pancakes

                                               Fresh fruit ( sliced banana, blueberries, strawberries, etc.)

                                               1 tbs syrup, jelly , jam & applesauce


                                               Shatter-proof plates



How you do it: Toast pancake(s) and allow to cool for safe touching. Let the kids use a spoon to spread their favorite sticky topping on the pancake and decorate with fresh fruit! 






    Choose Your Color Melon Ball Soup



     What  you will need 



                                               Balled: watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew

                                               Plain yogurt

                                               All natural food coloring

                                               Shatter-proof bowls




How you do it: Place desired amount of plain yogurt into bowl. Stir in one to three drops of child's favorite color natural food coloring, or mix them to create a new color!  Add melon cool!





    Literally, Tossed Salad 



    What you will need



                                             Sliced fresh vegetables ( the possibilities are nearly endless)

                                             Assortment of salad dressings and vinaigrette

                                             Gallon size zip-lock plastic bags

                                             Dipping cups

                                             Shatter-proof plates



How you do it: Encourage kids to choose as many different vegetables as they would like to eat and place them in the zip-lock bag. Make sure the bags are closed then let the literally toss their salads! Pour the salads onto plates. Add some "veggies I have never eaten" and dip in their favorite and new favorite dressings. Yum!



Bon Appetit! 


Until next time, remember child development is human development

-Miss Toni







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