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Educational entertainment for preschoolers

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"In The Morning" is a delightful book with charming Illustrations, by Lauren Witter, that mirrors the start of every preschoolers day!


"Miss Toni & The Macaroni Band"

This self-titled debut album contains 18 original songs inspired by the National Association for the Education of Young Children accredited preschool day

2 Entertaining Shows To Choose From!


Little Chick Goes to Preschool: Little Chick meets your classroom and her new teacher Miss Toni! Featuring memorable songs and interactive games students and teachers will delight in helping Little Chick learn preschool is a happy place where new friends are made and learning is fun!




Little Chick Visits the Pediatrician: Why do we visit Doctor’s when we’re not sick? What’s a vital? And what’s so important about hand washing anyway? Miss Toni answers these questions  and more for Little Chick and your preschoolers with interactive games and songs! It’s sidesplitting fun!


Educational Fun for Families, Teachers, and Schools

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